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"We are able to turn around shelf strips and 4up static clings the same day, whereas before it would take us up to a week or two to turn around a set of tags because we would have to manually create them as we went."

Telon Bremont, Graphics/Signshop Manager
K&L Distributors, Alaska

"What's changed and works better is the ease in creating the signs (table tents). The fact I can show the customer a proof of the possible finished product makes my life more efficient. Less hard paper requests to slow me down."

Joe Olivias, Wine & Spirits Account Manager
L&F Distributors, Texas

"I download the app on my phone and I am able to make and print with ease! "

James McConnell, Sales
Southern Eagle, South Carolina

"The Activity feed is by far one of the best features I’ve come across. As a company that has all of our sales consultants sending it tags, the Activity feature is what really makes administrative tasks survivable. In one swoop, an administrator is able to grab all projects waiting to be processed and print them out. This turned what was an hour long process on most occasions into just a few minutes. "

Micah Moore
Indiana Beverage, Indiana

"You and Tagify have been awesome! You have been extremely helpful and valuable to everything that I have had accomplished through Tagify."

Josh Wilkes, Sales
High Country Beverage, Colorado

"This thing is amazing, a lot easier than writing emails ... and quicker to get processed!"

Eloy Vega-Hurtado, Sales
Columbia Distributing, Washington

"Since I've started using Tagify it has made my life so much easier. Having the scan UPC option and being able to print the barcode directly on the tag is amazing."

Noah C., Merchandiser
R&K Distributors, Texas

"Been looking for a way to make tags for years. Used to have a spreadsheet and it took hours. This is incredible."

Butch D'Agostino, Sales Manager
J.J Taylor Distributing, Florida

"I am glad more people are discovering your application. I know I am very grateful. It has definitely increased productivity in the market and cut costs in the office. "

Matt Sanchez, Sales Manager
Admiral Beverage, New Mexico

"The primary two reasons for choosing Tagify were to make it easier for salesman’s to order tags and to make it easier to add new brands and update logos. Ordering tags directly in the account has saved the salesman an enormous amount of time. The ease of adding new brands and changing logos is by far the best improvement Tagify has brought us. We went from only 1 person being able to update logos to now, anyone can, which has allowed us to stay current in the trade."

John Moore, Graphics & POS Manager
Columbia Distributing, Washington

" I love Tagify! I have no complaints and the updates have been good..."

Lori Chaffee, Sales Associate
Columbia Distributing, Washington

" Price changes are WAYYYY easier. I love Tagify so much!"

Holly Bryan, Graphic Designer
R&K Distributors, Texas

"Being able to do 2-For pricing and changing the colors to make a sale price stand out. I like the versatility of using my phone when I’m at an account, but also when I’m working at home I can use the browser to finish things up. It’s truly a great program."

Shawn Foley, Sales
Frank Beverage Group, Wisconsin

"I really like using Tagify. It’s very user friendly, my customers love it!"

Caitlin Butler, Sales
K&L Distributors, Alaska

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