Straightforward pricing

No hidden fees, surprises or contracts.

  • Unlimited usage ?

    Zero restrictions on users, brands, signs or anything else.

  • Shelf tags & basic signs ?

    Make anything that'll fit on a shelf, as well as simple case cards and static stickers.

  • Activity ?

    Activity is your sign shops real-time to do list. See what needs to be printed at a glance.

    Easily merge tags/signs to not only save tons of material but to make mass printing a breeze. No more material or time wasted!

  • Metrics ?

    How much are we spending per supplier? Per user? Per material? How much are we using Tagify in general?

    Quickly track your costs and gain insights with Metrics.

  • All Signage ?

    Use your supplier graphics to create signs and let Tagify make your price points for you.

    Case cards, statics, posters, banners, you can create anything and let Tagify do the work.


per company account


+$129 per additional company account


+$129 per additional company account

Common questions on pricing

Are there any usage fees? Per user, per iPad, etc?

Most software in this industry charges on a per user or volume based pricing plan. This makes it difficult to not only figure out how much something costs now, but even harder in the future as you grow. Tagify has fixed, affordable pricing that eliminates surprises and makes it easy to get the most value.

Do I have to sign any paper/material contracts?

Another common trait in the beer world is to not only charge you a monthly rate, but to also lock you into a material contract. This forces you to buy material from one place, even if you can get a better deal and sometimes even better material somewhere else. Tagify works with every type of paper on earth and actively makes sure you're saving money on paper.

The 30 day trial seems fast, what if I need more time?

Take your time.
We'd rather make sure Tagify is the best fit for you and your team, than rush you through a sale. Need more time? Just let us know and we'll extend your trial out.

What does "per company account" mean?

When you sign up for the trial in Tagify, you're signing up your company (or distributor/wholesaler in beer terms). You are a user for that new company account. It contains your other users (your sign shop, sales team, etc), your brands (logos, signs, etc) and everything else that makes Tagify work so well with your specific setup.

The only time you'd probably want to buy another company account is when you need an entirely separate set of data. Normally, this is when you have a "sister" location that might sell a completely different set of brands, need a different set of options, etc. This is rare and a lot of people prefer to use one company account for multiple locations. The choice is yours.

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